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  Electrical Components  

Wartech proudly supply a vast range of Systems, Equipments and Spare Parts from world's leading brand names. We are therefore not only certain about the quality of our supplied products but we back it up through our excellent support network. Our Service package includes supply of systems/equipment , installation services, Trials and Set to Work and handing over an efficient new system to our clients.
Please take some time to have a look at some brands we have been supplying to our customers. These are reproduced here as your reference and may not include all of the brand names we deal in.
Feel free to contact us with your specific need and we will be more than happy to come up with a new solution that is just right for you at the best possible prices.

The Watech Company maintains an inventory of over 10,0000 factory original parts to help insure that the part you need is available quickly with the correct paperwork for your safety related applications;
Bar Code Readers Temperature Controls Industrial measurement Network instrumentation Factory utomation
Process controls
Controls Controls Contactors Controls
Tools Safety Light Curtains
Fiber Optic Light Guides
Motion Controls
Temperature Controls Controls Instruments
Electronic Controllers  Counters Tools
Encoders Resolvers Controls Automation Motion Control
Circuit Protection
Controls Timers Electric Timers
Electromechanical Timers
Controls Controls Controls
Controls Sensors Barcodes Safety Vision Spring Lifts
Marine Accessories
PLC Software Motor Control Meters Counters
Motors Drives Industrial Infrared Remotes
Industrial Displays
Programmable Controllers
Actuators Pneumatic Automation
Pressure Switches Cylinders
Sensors Circuit Protection
Power Generation Equipment
Circuit Breakers Automation & Motion Control
Circuit Protection
PC Based Controls Products
Tools HMI Counters Timers
Hand Tools
Protective Clothing
Motion Controls
Sensors & Solenoids
Gearboxes Temperature Controls Encoders
Network interfaces I/O bus nterfaces Specialty modems
Smart cables