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In any industry, there are times when a running spare is urgently required. Its unavailability can render your machinery Non Operational. This can lead to the loss of valuable time and can result in monetary and relationship loss. You might be extending the production capacity of your plant by adding new systems or replacing the old ones with new state of the art equipment.

This is where we the “Wartech” come in picture. A trustworthy name in the business with our specialized focus on provision of technical Systems, Equipment and Spares worldwide.

Our Head office is located in Delaware United Stated of America , and we have branch offices in Los Angeles, New York, Hannover & Singapore. This global presence helps us in having a better control of the entire supply chain management process.

The range of equipment we supply has been carefully selected and is very diverse in nature. On one hand we have Marine Equipment for use on Ships/Vessels and on other we have industrial solutions for a range of Industries like Agriculture, Poultry, Off Shore Drillings and many more. So when you need a new System or a running spare next time, trust a company that is specialized in it and a Service which is simply world class